A Good Day

It is easy to get caught up in the bad news. Bad world news, bad domestic news, bad days at work, bad days at the gym or with kids. It’s normal. A few small insignificant things in a row can make it feel like the whole day was terrible. It’s the same reason my kids say ‘I hate everything’ or ‘I NEVER get what I want’ after being offered a single vegetable or being told that it is bedtime… well after bedtime. But today.. today I’m going to talk about the good.
Today was A GOOD DAY.
It wasn’t a great day. Nothing spectacular happened. But it was a good day. One that I’d mark in the success column. Yes, we had tears. Yes, my kids ate dinner in front of the screen.

Picnic Dinner
The kids eating dinner while watching AGDQ.


Yes, the sink is still full of dishes and there’s still a load of laundry in the washer that needs switched. But there was so much good, that I don’t want to focus on those parts of the day.
Today we had a hot cooked breakfast, well balanced and enjoyed.
We completed a full day of homeschool in one stretch, pregnancy fatigue has required most lessons to be split. We added a new math concept and started a new science unit. Today our nephew showed his steer at the PA Farm Show, and we played barn to help our discussions about that and show support.

Dillon Playing Farm
Dillon playing with his barn and farm animals.


Today the tiny daughter played farm with us, putting all the cows in the horse pasture-not appreciated by her brother. Today we painted- all 3 (!) painted at the same time.

Ainsley Finger Painting
Ainsley finger painting.
Rayleigh and Dillon painting.
Rayleigh and Dillon painting.
The girls cleaning up
Rayleigh helping clean Ainsley’s hand after painting.


Today we made two batches of cookies. Today we made homemade applesauce. Today we made homemade Pad Thai and all 3 ate it unaltered (miracles come in all forms).

Homemade Pad Thai was a hit with everyone.
Homemade Pad Thai was a hit with everyone.


Today we kept the playroom (yes, we have a whole room for the toys and crafts-criticize away) clean and picked up. Today we had a dance party and sang along to songs. Today we had our horse and Barbies watch AGDQ (Awesome Games Done Quick).

Barbies in a row
Barbies ready for watching the show with us.


Today we read more books than I can count and all met our 15 minutes read a-loud challenge #RAR31Days before bedtime. [https://amongstlovelythings.com/2017-31-days/] Today I drank a cup of tea before it got cold. Today I snuggled individually with all 3 kids throughout the day. Today I cooked homemade meals.

Roasted Squash
Roasted Squash.. some may have been eaten before it made it off the pan.


Today I did laundry. Today I made sure my kids knew they were important. Today, today was a good day.

Like I said, there was nothing spectacular about today. In many ways it was very similar to yesterday and I hope that tomorrow is nearly a repeat of today. The more days that pass, the more I realize that good days and bad days are often filled with the same triumphs and failures and it’s which set of events you chose to remember and focus on that determines which column the day goes into when you crawl into bed. Hope your day was good too… even if you also still have dirty dishes in the sink.

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  1. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this entry and seeing the pics (miss you guys!). I especially liked the second-to-last sentence. Thanks!

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