A Good Day

It is easy to get caught up in the bad news. Bad world news, bad domestic news, bad days at work, bad days at the gym or with kids. It’s normal. A few small insignificant things in a row can make it feel like the whole day was terrible. It’s the same reason my kids … Continued

Yule Tree Procured

Today we went on the annual tree adventure. This pregnancy has really been kicking my butt, so my energy levels for long treks for the perfect tree seemed more like a torture trip than a joyous tradition. So after some internet research on local cut-your-own locations I chose a family owned tree farm not too … Continued

January 2016

It’s January! A new year full of awesome potential. First… the 1 minute recaps on everyone. Kevin’s been a writing machine, his dissertation is written! Not edited but those will come in the next few weeks. His regular 9-5 is keeping him busy the rest of the time. Rayleigh started Kindergarten in the fall and … Continued

Our Family is Growing!

We are extremely excited to announce that Rayleigh gets to be a big sister (again) and Dillon is being promoted to big brother to our latest arrival, due July 4th.

National Zoo For The Day

We went to the Zoo. We went to the Zoo for one day. We went to the Zoo for one day with friends. We went to the Zoo for one day with friends, six kids two adults. The second week of March the kids and I packed up and headed to Pennsylvania. We had planned … Continued