Invasion of the Purple Snow-Penguins

Today, while Dillon was napping, Kelsey and Rayleigh went outside to make some snowmen. However, Rayleigh decided that she wanted to make snow penguins instead, and she wanted to color them purple. It was my job to make some purple water in a spray bottle and play the artiste.

Checking out the Purple

This was a teaching opportunity for Kelsey to tell Rayleigh all about penguins. For example, she told Rayleigh that penguins can’t fly, and that they keep their eggs between their legs. So, Kelsey made some snow eggs to put between the legs of the snow penguins.


Afterward, Rayleigh decided that she wanted to do some snow-yoga. Personally, I think it looks like she was breakdancing.

Yoga Pose 2

The snowfall here was pretty pitiful for this time of year in this area, but we made the best of it!

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  1. I love the purple penguins!! How clever and creative to use a spray bottle to color them. What other creative projects is Rayleigh in to? Great pics!!


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