Today’s Excuse…

So I haven’t kept my resolution of a weekly blog post. Here’s my journal entry from yesterday also known as my excuse list!

5:55 am my 7 month old alarm clock goes off. Walk to his room, nurse him to submission (milk comma) put him back in crib.

6:15 am Crawl back into bed, check emails and pretend that I can fall back asleep

6:35 am Rayleigh is awake and Kevin is getting ready

6:36 am Decide I should face the day too

6:40 am Swap laundry, collect diapers, forget to brush teeth

7:00 am Print contract I need to review today, read the first page

7:10 am Wipe up floor from spilled milk (no crying)

7:12 am I Am in the kitchen now so might as well put sweet potatoes in the oven so they have time to cool

7:15 am Rainy day activity brainstorm results in idea to make salt dough

7:30 am Girls have had breakfast, I’m loading dishwasher and having them clean up morning toys to do “activity” while I make salt dough

8:00 am Commence Salt Dough activity

8:30 am Dillon is awake, changed and playing downstairs

9:00 am Decide to make beans for later in the week and to  freeze – start soaking dry beans

9:01 am Girls are done with “activity”

9:15 am Sweet potatoes are done, salt dough is in the oven, table is clean and I’m on page 12 of the contract

9:55 am Change Dillon for his morning nap, decide Rayleigh needs one (nap) or at least quiet time too, switch laundry

10:00 am Call Mom

10:15 am Hang Up on Mom to do daily briefing with the contractors

10:30 am Rayleigh is quietly reading books by herself, Eily and I are reading books  on the couch

10:45 am Eily watches a show to have some quiet time of her own

11:30 am Both girls are watching the last few minutes of the show while I am prepping lunch

11:45 am Lunch is served

12:30 pm Getting ready for naps

12:35 pm All three children are in bed- SHOWER TIME, switch laundry

12:37 pm I hear Dillon waking up and decide to wash hair – and not shave

12:38 pm Realize my clothes are in the room with a not yet sleeping child… I need clothes hence third “daughter” won’t get a nap today

12:45 pm Eily plays while I feed Dillon, beans are cooling

1:oo pm Sweet Potatoes have cooled time to make gnocchi! Eily picks up and washes hands to help.

1:01 pm Realize I have unused carrot greens in the fridge and I should add those to the gnocchi, start to boil water, drain beans which are done cooking

1:02 pm Eily is distracted coming back to the kitchen and plays while I make gnocchi and bag the now drained cooked beans

3:00 pm Finished with 4 trays of gnocchi, all are in the freezer cooling, switch laundry

3:10 pm Rayleigh is awake, drinks and snacks for all while I clean up the kitchen mess

3:30 pm Girls are playing nicely, I decide to start work on the second batch of salsa from Saturday’s 60# tomato purchase

4:15 pm Jessa is home for College of St. Rose, I start prepping dinner, she takes over children entertainment duty

5:00 pm Text from Kevin, he’s stuck at the office, dinner without him

5:15 pm Steam Tempeh for dinner

5:30 pm Start rice for stir-fry in new rice cooker

5:49 pm Rice is done and looks great (OK Kevin you were right it was a good idea!)

6:00 pm Dinner is served

6:22 pm Kevin is packing up to head home, he’ll be home about 7

6:30 pm Rayleigh tosses last bite of broccoli across the room… so begins battle of wills (to be fair she’s only known me for 2 years she couldn’t have known what she was getting into)

6:45 pm  Feed Dillon

7:00 pm J, J & e go for a walk, I pack up leftovers for lunches, clean up the rest of the kitchen, and start back into salsa chopping

7:05 pm Kevin is home eating his dinner, he encourages Rayleigh- still sitting at the table-to eat her (new) bite of broccoli

7:30 pm Decide we are going to a walk too, J.J&e inform us bugs are bad, change our plans for a drive.

7:40 pm Realize our destination is closed and change course

8:10 pm All home again, baths and bedtime routine commence for Rayleigh, Dillon passed out on the way home so I do 7 month photos while he is alseep in the crib (SEVEN MONTHS)

8:40 pm Kevin and I start back in on salsa (thankful it only has to can for 15 mins!)

10:00 pm Kevin is finishing the last of the fresh from our garden hot pepper chopping and I have folded massive laundry pile I accumulated today

11:oo pm Salsa is being canned, Kevin is finishing homemade coleslaw for the week,  we (4) start a new episode of Downtown Abbey

11-12:15 periodic interruptions for kitchen, canning and child crisis’s

12:15 pm Salsa is nearly done, girls (Jessa and I) are out voted on another episode

12:30 Bed , remember I forgot to call mom back

Perhaps tomorrow you’ll get a blog post with some pictures.  As I apparently didn’t learn my lesson yesterday. The camera is in the room with a sleeping child and as all 3 have been sleeping long enough for me to write this post… I’m not messing that up on your account!