All About Dillon

Dillon has had great strides in the past few weeks.  While visiting friends in Connecticut August 25th Dillon perfected his crawling and is now firmly on the move chasing after the big “sisters” and collecting any small stray toys they leave behind.

The following Wednesday, August 29th, after laying him down on a mat we were excited (and scared) to return to him sitting up! Another skill mastered! He can now easily get from stomach seal like position to sitting to play with blocks with ease.

And since about that same week he has been chattering more and more adding consonant-vowel combinations.  I was convinced I’d heard “mama” but was afraid to say anything for fear it was wishful mommy thinking.  Well this Monday, September 10th, I captured the little man on video.  Kevin confirmed I wasn’t just wishing for a talking baby – and since then Dillon has assured me he means it by using his new “command” at naptime, bedtime, and any other time he is tired with the game/toy at hand!

That was going to be the end… but this morning, after nursing and diapering, he was getting tickled, and I noticed his gums were no longer smooth–he had a rather sharp white tooth poking out on the bottom right.  He is no longer toothless!  Although I think we’ll hold the corn on the cob til next year.

P.S. I have been regularly adding photos and albums of our adventures. Feel free to browse.

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