This is Spring

Today’s high is expected to be 34, this meant light coats for the kids today. It is currently snowing, it has snowed everyday since the first day of spring- including the 14″ we got the day before spring officially began. Unfortunately another round of colds has kept the kids from enjoying the freshly fallen white … Continued

Rayleigh is Fearless

A few weeks ago we went to The Dome for a local arts festival. We wanted to get a start on our localism Christmas Shopping.  Inside they had a series of 6 inflatable jump houses.  Rayleigh enjoyed all 6 without any hesitation… including this towering climbing wall. The trip had the added benefit of giving … Continued

All About Dillon

Dillon has had great strides in the past few weeks.  While visiting friends in Connecticut August 25th Dillon perfected his crawling and is now firmly on the move chasing after the big “sisters” and collecting any small stray toys they leave behind. The following Wednesday, August 29th, after laying him down on a mat we … Continued

Today’s Excuse…

So I haven’t kept my resolution of a weekly blog post. Here’s my journal entry from yesterday also known as my excuse list! 5:55 am my 7 month old alarm clock goes off. Walk to his room, nurse him to submission (milk comma) put him back in crib. 6:15 am Crawl back into bed, check … Continued

Today’s Post Brought you by the Number 2

Rayleigh turned 2! Kevin and I can hardly believe that is was over 2 years ago that we welcomed home our baby girl. We celebrated all week with special treats and presents from friends and family. Since my last wordy post we’ve been thoroughly enjoying our two children this summer. We’ve done two vacations- one … Continued