How Do We Play?

Let me count the ways. Yesterday the kids and I drove to Matamoras, Pa for a playdate with Autumn and her daughters.  We met at Airport Park – the kids playground there is fantastic! Here’s a look at what they did. 1- Swinging 2. Climbing 3. Riding 4.Sliding 5. Teeter-Tottering 6. Building 7. More Swinging … Continued

Time Flies

Wow!  Time is flying by.   April Showers have left May mud puddles! Rayleigh loves the water- in any form. On a recent walk she managed to find every puddle along the way. She has also started to sport pig tails regularly. Last week Mimi came to visit for a few days. We all enjoyed … Continued


Okay all I apologize for the severe lack of blogging recently.   I can make excuses- I “lost” the camera for several weeks, Rayleigh spilled milk on my computer rendering it useless for a bit, the weather has been nice so we’ve been outside not inside writing blogs etc. But the honest truth is that I … Continued

Big News At Home

We survived! This past week I embarked on my new job… a Stay-At-Home-Mom!  We have decided that for at least the near term I will stay at home with the kids and Kevin will bring home the bacon.  He is now finished with structured classes and is onto reading and writing and researching for his … Continued