Rayleigh is Fearless

A few weeks ago we went to The Dome for a local arts festival. We wanted to get a start on our localism Christmas Shopping.  Inside they had a series of 6 inflatable jump houses.  Rayleigh enjoyed all 6 without any hesitation… including this towering climbing wall. The trip had the added benefit of giving me an excuse to check out the venue before my indoor hockey season started.  A few weeks in and I am thoroughly enjoying the night out for adult league hockey.

We are currently in Texas enjoying our vacation. More pictures, posts and videos to be posted in the coming days.

2 responses to “Rayleigh is Fearless

  1. Go Rayleigh!!! That looks like SO much fun! I wish they had those for big kids, haha. Hope you all are doing well!! Big big hugs:):)

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